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Film und Ausstellung - KUROSAFRICA

KUROSAFRICA von Wolf Böwig

new wars. new maps. new words ... ist der Untertitel dieser Bilddokumentationen von Wolf Böwig.

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Kurzbeschreibung | Introduction

Central Africa is being ravaged since the last decade by a string of conflicts that span from Caprivi Strip in Northern Namibia to Uganda and the Great Lakes Region. These conflicts also bridge with volatile Westafrica - through deals and smuggling, tricky and everchanging alliances, blunt exploitation of natural resources and massive displacement of populations. This first continental war is both original in its dimensions and in its nature. It is likely, so far, that its most relevant consequence - besides the already unbearable toll in human suffering and casualties - will be the informal and ³de facto² reshaping of the political map of Africa.

All along the XXth century, the map of the African continent kept the same borders defined by European powers at the Berlin Conference in 1884. But itıs clear today that Pandoraıs box is being opened for the first time, unofficially and amidst absolute chaos, in the heart of the former Belgian Congo and Westafrica.

Kurosafrica mirrors the excess that itıs the core definition of this war. Everything on this changing territories is superlative: death, hate, greed, insanity, imagination, dedication. If we are to picture all this extremes together - in a single, huge battlefield - we can only think in Akira Kurosawaıs masterpiece ³Ran² (³Chaos²). What we are aiming at itıs a comprehensive script for this ³World War². A script for ³Kurosafrica²- told from inside the screen.

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